Business ComputersBusiness computer systems are key tools in your company. Yet choosing a business computer can be tricky given the overwhelming number of options.

The trick is to focus on what you want to do with your business computers before looking at specific makes and models.

Computer system basics

The most common type of business computer is a PC (personal computer). PCs are made by different companies but all use the same underlying technology. They usually run Microsoft Windows and are the type of computer most people are familiar with.

The main alternative is an Apple Mac. Macs are more expensive than comparable PCs and have traditionally been used in creative industries.

Macs can be popular with employees and some companies use a mix of PCs and Macs, depending on staff preferences and roles.

Business computer systems are available as:

  • Desktops, consisting of a base unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse. They are designed to be set up and used in one place. We can build your next Desktop with the Intel best technology.
  • Laptops, portable computer systems that can be used on the move. Laptops come in many sizes, from thin 'ultraportables' to larger units.

Although a desktop computer system will usually be cheaper than a laptop of equivalent specification, laptops offer the added benefit of portability. So, if you or your employee in need for mobility let’s design a perfect solution using the latest technology of Intel were we can combine performance, light weight, long battery life and dependability..

In a world where flexible working is increasingly common, your business may value the possibilities offered by laptops.

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